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Peyton Nagel
Peyton Nagel is a passionate photographer who enjoys looking at life through many lenses to see many perspectives. She is working on her Bachelor's in Photography and Psychology and hopes to connect, teach, and learn from the creatives that cross her path. Her understanding of light, attention to detail, and digital manipulations creates a distinctive style of work that she wishes to share and ultimately inspire others.

Check out her work! :)
Upcoming Dates hosted by Peyton Nagel
Sunday the 7th of November 2021
Experimentation with Light Photography Meetup - Agua Caliente Park - 3pm - 2 hours
At this event, you will learn the importance of light in photography and how to create different moods within your images based on how light is positioned in relation to your shot.
Instructor: Peyton Nagel
$35pp     12 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Richard Folsom
He has more than 30 years of solid experience as a writer and photographer for numerous Newspapers and for Magazines with McGraw-Hill Publishing. Richard has a fine arts background from university days and has written numerous stories about the arts and artist. He created publications for McGraw-Hill including Intermountain Architecture which is the only architectural publication beside Architectural Record in their system. His skills also include award winning photography which has enhanced his stories with beautiful graphics. Richard created a Photography Show for the Salt Lake Tribune’s Home and Garden Show. He ran the Photo Utah Show for 10 years. This involved getting speakers on photography from local Universities and from the business world. He also taught photography classes as well. His photos have won National awards and recently he had a show at the Oro Valley Library.
His expertise is in Architectural Photography, News Photography, and Magazine Photography but the past number of years Richard’s work featured Landscape Photography, Bird and Wildlife Photography.
Upcoming Dates hosted by Richard Folsom
Saturday the 23rd of October 2021
Beginners Class: Creating Artistic Photos - HoneyBee Canyon Park 13880 E Rancho Vistoso Blvd Oro Valley, AZ 85755 United States - 9am - 3 hours
Looking through the camera viewfinder with an artist perspective. Understanding what makes dynamic composition. Many people look through the viewfinder and shoot a pictures without really seeing all the elements involved in the image they are taking. A slight adjustment up or down, right or left can make the difference from a piece of art and a average photo. Understanding how your tools work, specifically lenses and how they impact your images is also important to create the best images. It is important when shooting people to know what lens to use to make them look their best 70 to 135mm is considered the normal Portrait range but you may want to use a 50 mm on a person who is skinny or a 200mm on someone who is overweight to get the best results. These little professional secrets will be studied and use along with much more for you to create the best photos.
Instructor: Richard Folsom
$69pp     only 1 place left
Sunday the 24th of October 2021
Bird Photography Class - Sweetwater Wetlands - 8am - 3 hours
Bird Photography is both exciting and calming at the same time because you get out of the pressures of the city to a quiet environment but when you start shooting the birds the excitement begins. You see a great variety of birds in many colors and sizes. The challenge is to catch the birds at the right moment to get the perfect image. As a photographer you must learn to become part of the environment so that the bird will go on with their regular activities. The larger the telephoto lens the better but an 80-200 lens will give you many opportunities for great shots.
Instructor: Richard Folsom
$69pp     only 5 places left - requires 2 bookings to proceed
Saturday the 30th of October 2021
Magazine Photography Class - Oro Valley Public Library 1305 W Naranja Dr, Oro Valley, AZ 85737 - 10 am - 3 hours
Magazine Photography gives photographers a chance to sell a great variety of their work but what publishers want and how to reach them involve more than just taking a good photo. I spent nearly 10 years working for McGraw-Hill the world’s largest publishing company as a photographer and managing editor. I will share some of the insights I gathered over the years and will work with students on how to prepare photos for publication
Instructor: Richard Folsom
$69pp     only 4 places left
Sunday the 31st of October 2021
Outdoor Portraiture and People with supplemental Flash Photography Class - LA PLACITA PARK Address: 110 S Church Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701 - 9am - 3 hours
Outdoor Portraiture and People with supplemental Flash Photography
Most photographers pull out there flash when shooting indoors but never use it on a sunny day. The result of not using a supplemental flash maybe a shadowed face with over exposed background. You can balance the light with use of a supplemental flash. Learn to control your light especially with portraits outside.
Instructor: Richard Folsom
$69pp     only 4 places left
Saturday the 6th of November 2021
Macro Photography Class - Bike Trail entrance westside of about 9500 West Rancho Feliz Dr. Just off LaCanada Dr. 85737 - 9 am - 3 hours
Macro Photography gives us a chance to capture closeup details of almost anything. But to create a breath taking image we need to deal with composition and ways to make the image standout such as blurring the background. All you need is a Macro lens or zoom with macro capabilities. If you learn the concepts of Macro Photography you can apply them to rest of your work helping to see the details of all the images you shoot.
Instructor: Richard Folsom
$69pp     only 6 places left - requires 2 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 7th of November 2021
Photo Safari| Zoo Photography Class - Reid Park Zoo 3400 Zoo Court 85716 Tucson Arizona - 9 am - 3 hours
Go on a Photo Safari at Reid Park Zoo and shot big game with your camera. Patients and timing is the key to great photos. Participants will need to pay a Zoo admission fee at the Zoo. $10.50 adults ages 15-61 $8.50 seniors ages 62 $6.50 children ages 2-14; FREE for children age 0-1. Bring a telephoto lens for best results
Instructor: Richard Folsom
$69pp     only 6 places left - requires 2 bookings to proceed
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